The Number 13

Let us take a look at why the number 13 can be so unsettling to some people.  First off it does not seem to fit into our ‘perfectly rounded’ sense of earth and time.  There are 12 hours on a clock and 24 in a day, which as we know is a duplicate of 12.  There are 12 months in our year and 12 zodiac signs that correlate to those months, even if they aren’t perfect they work. It would seem to me that the natural aversion to the number 13 might be based in our understanding of time.  We are trying to place it into our proportionate timing before we grasp what it means.   So lets take a step back from what we think we know and try to give 13 a chance to explain itself then we can see if it might have a place in time.

I want to look at the numbers 1, 2, and 3.  1 is a symbolization of the encompassing whole.  You can think of it on a large scale as in: 1 universe, or small scale: 1 person.  It takes everything that might be smaller than it and collects it together into a tight knit concept that our rationalizing brains can grasp.  For when you really think about it 1 is never really just 1.  1 is really comprised of an indefinite combination of numbers we haven’t even ever conceived necessary to our minds.  Like .098653258976458913578… is part of the number 1, but we look to number 1 as a safe estimate, a common understanding that we can all start from.  The number 1 takes us to the number 2 by implying that if we have found a starting place than there is somewhere to go.  2 is a coupling, it is 1 and another 1.  We recognize that there are 2 by the fact that there are similarities between them and this is seen in reflections.  3 then brings them together by showcasing differences, it in effect the combining of two opposing forces.  It is only in 3 that the 1 and 2 can coexist.  For if we only saw how things were the same we would not be able to differentiate 1 for another.

Looking closer at the number 3 we can see that it is the first time we can create a geometric shape, the triangle.  1 is a line, 2 is a ray, 3 is the connector.  If we think of a compass we know that to create a circle the 2 lines (or a ray) must connect onto something, for this example a piece of paper in order to create a circle.  The 3 is that piece of paper.  It is not a physical tool and does not have a physical example, like 1 and 2 do, but rather is the ‘other’.

Now if you are facing a mirror, what do you see?  You see yourself, well 2 of you…kinda.  You know that there is only one you, but that reflection looks just like you doesn’t it?  In this example we can see that there is a you, a not you, and that not you is you as well.  This is the trinity essence.

In a real life situation we look at what another person has done to us and evoke an emotion about that person/situation.  However to really understand you have to objectively asses not only what you have done, or how you feel, but also why.  Once you can understand why you have done things then you can begin to understand why someone else would do things that they do.  This process is part health and well being of our psyches.  It is a third aspect along with the conscious and unconscious and by working with it you can find balance and feel more whole, more like 1.

I would like to bring in the idea of a macro and a micro as it applies to us and spirit.  There is something greater than us out there, you can call it what you’d like but there is something that connects to us, and we connect to it.  Our bodies are OF here, they are of this physically realm, but our core being; our soul, our spirit, our truth is something greater than just the physical combination of atoms and molecules.  We spend most of our lives so focused on here that we forget to focus on our own being.  If we can understand and work with the essence inside of ourselves by accepting the 3rd as a balance, than we can understand the world we live in.  I am by no means suggesting that we should ignore the world our bodies inhabit in actually I am trying to say the opposite.  That it is through understanding ourselves, that we can understand our spirit, that we can understand the world.

I pointed out the idea of macro and micro, to help better explain the ideas of ‘a living Death’ and a ‘death of life’ from my previous post.  You could apply the idea of our bodies dying ‘death of life’ on a micro scale, and the idea that our psyche’s process of a ‘living Death’ on a macro scale (or really vise versa as I do not believe one is better than another).  If you can understand the process of our psyche’s need to change as a ‘living Death’ you can apply this understanding across to the ‘death of life’.  Time is a concept of our physical world so it would align in this example with a ‘death of life’.  There comes a point where life gives way to death and that point is the number essance 3.

Let us say before the beginning there was everything and nothing encompassed together, as what we would call 1.  Now 1 has everything within, but cannot know anything because it is all the same.  So, 1 split into 2 and in doing so 1 is equally divided into two parts.  This does not mean that 1 no longer exist, just that it existed as an entity all on its own and now exists within each of the 2 (trinity).  From one (of the two) the 1 can only see wisdom, and from the other (of the 2) the 1 can only see knowledge.  It is not until the 1 accepts that the 2 will never be 1 again, that 1 can finally see through both of the 2 creating a 3rd connection within itself, understanding.

Perhaps it is when we place the 1 and the 3 in conjuncture with each other that the concept that comes across subliminally is that all 3 are of 1.  It is a hard concept to wrap your head around but when it does finally sink in, it opens up your awareness and in a way you will never be the same again.

I like to use this idea quite a bit when I’m working on theories or attempting to understand something myself.  In Tarot we have a card that has a picture with a bottom and a top so when it comes out upside down it is generally known as a reversal.  You could simple look at this as one side is a positive and one side is a negative, and there is nothing wrong with that method, as they are still both a part of the greater 1 of the card.  Rather I like to see that there is a common ground between both an upright and a reversal that applies to both ways of interpreting it.  13 is a reminder that to you MUST look through all viewpoints in order to understand, things in our time.

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